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Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients to make quicker, long lasting and substantial performance improvements... More Details

Our Core Principles

In serving our clients, we bring the best of our firm to each client. We are committed to be productive on the first day of engagement... More Details

Our Consulting Approach

Though there is no standard solution to each consulting assignment due to different consulting natures... More Details

Our Clients

Our clients range from Singapore to Japan geographically, from manufacturing industry to retail industry... More Details

About Us

Founded in April 2001 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Prosmart Consultants Limited is a fast growing management consulting and professional services company in providing significant benefits, from business strategy to operations management, to leading companies in the Pan-Pearl River Delta of China and Asia Pacific.

With our knowledge of global best practices and local wisdom, we are able to deliver quicker, long lasting and substantial performance improvements to our clients in the midst of increasing globalisation, intense competitions and technological advancement. We take pride in bringing the best of our firm to each client, whether it is a SME or a listed multinational company, by advising top management and senior management team. From basic manufacturing to sophisticated telecommunication and from non-profit organisation to commercial conglomerate, we help our clients develop and implement growth and transformation strategies to achieve maximum tangible benefits.

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