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Our corporate training offers provide a suite of highly customised and valued training programmes to our clients... More Details

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Our combination of global best practices, local industry practices and world class training techniques enables us to provide high quality and value training offers to our clients... More Details

Corporate Training

Our Training Approach

To achieve the maximum effect of each training assignment so that employees can immediately apply in their work places to improve performances, we are involved in the design stage of the training programmes. This not only ensures our training programmes are tailored individually to specific people, process and situation, but also their alignment with clients' business, human resources and training strategies.

We believe enjoyment is the key to learning. By building the participative, interactive, experiential, and fun elements to each training programme, whether it is a one-to-one training at board level or multi-subjects and multi-locations addressing to the entire organization, we are able to speed up the learning process significantly with long-lasting impact.

Our clients will learn current concise information as well as the latest applications and techniques which foster awareness and personal breakthroughs through sharing of relevant up-to-date knowledge and highly customised exercises, in the most fitting format ranging from one-to-one coaching to group seminars, workshops or short courses. Depending on the specific training purpose, courses can be conducted on-site at our client's premise or at a more suitable off-site facility at a time that is convenient to our client's business cycle.

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