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Prosmart Attending 12th ARCE in Beijing

Prosmart's Business Development Director David Pun attended the 12th Asian Retailers Convention and Exhibition (ARCE) in Beijing, China from 5 to 8 September 2005. This was the 12th of the biennial series of Asis's most prestigious retailers convention and exhibition, launched in Tokyo back in 1983. Over 3,000 delegates from 22 Asia-Pacific territories participated in this first-time Beijing-hosted event. Upon the invitation of Retail Asia, the region’s leading retail business magazine, David Pun joined its Roundtable Forum 2005 on chip technology held in conjunction with the 12th ARCE on 7 September.


綽越的業務發展董事潘國樑參加了於2005年9月5至8日在中國北京舉行的“第十二屆亞太零售商大會曁展會”(12th ARCE)。此盛事是亞洲地區內聲譽最高的零售會展項目,自1983年于東京創辦至今,每兩年舉辦一次,本屆為第十二次,首次由北京主辦,參加者來自22個地域,共超過3,000人。潘國樑並獲區內權威零售業雜誌“零售亞洲”邀請出席其於9月7日同步舉行的“圓桌論壇2005”,論題是有關晶片科技。

  • David Pun taking to the podium at Retail Asia Roundtable Forum 2005

  • 潘國樑站立於“零售亞洲圓桌論壇2005”講壇前向參加者講話

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