Prosmart's presentation at World SME Expo 2007



Prosmart made a presentation entitled “Creating Value for SME through Finance & Accounting Outsourcing” at World SME Expo 2007's Presentation Area 3 on 12 December 2007 at 5:00 pm to interested visitors. Augustine Tsang, Prosmart's Director addressed the crowd on how outsourcing of Finance & Accounting function will result in greater focus on core business, cost reduction and performance improvement.


Augustine Tsang at the Opening Address of “Creating value for SME through Finance & Accounting Outsourcing”


The audience learning from Augustine Tsang's experience in Finance & Accounting outsourcing.


Augustine Tsang sharing Asian outsourcing statistics currently under different functional areas including IT, Finance & Accounting and HR.


Revealed by the statistics are companies in high cost and low cost areas like Singapore, HK, India and China using outsourcing services.


Also revealed by the statistics are benefits of outsourcing including focus on core competencies, cost savings, accessing skills lacking in-house and improving in-house performance being the top 4 benefit areas.


Financial benefits of Finance & Accounting outsourcing, in addition to non-financial justification are in the focus.


SMEs’ challenges under F&A including high F&A departmental cost as % to revenue, transactional based vs. decision based and difficulty to retain staff and follow market pay trend.


Explaining how F&A outsourcing can create value and offer solutions to current challenges.


Sharing a case study on a SME creating value through F&A outsourcing.


Enquiry on F&A outsourcing following the presentation.


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