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Prosmart's presentation on Corporate Training in the World SME Expo 2006

Prosmart made a presentation entitled “How to Raise Operational Performance through Smart, Tailor-made and Effective Corporate Training?”at World SME Expo 2006's Presentation Area 2 on 29 November 2006 at 4:30 pm to interested visitors. David Pun, Prosmart's Business Development Director addressed the crowd on how corporate training can be used as an important tool to improve business performance substantially with long-lasting impact.


綽越在2006年度”中小企國際市場推廣日”博覽會參展期間,於11月29日下午4時30分在會場的第二介紹會區舉行了一個介紹會,題目是“透過精明、度身定做及有效的企業培訓提升業績",吸引了不少有興趣人士到場參加。 綽越的業務發展董事潘國樑向眾人講解怎樣可用企業培訓作為大幅度與長期性提升業績的重要工具。

  • David Pun sharing with the audience the latest trends in corporate training worldwide best practice and his personal experience on key issues to be considered before providing training to employees

  • 潘國樑與觀眾分享全球最佳企業培訓做法的新趨勢及在提供培訓給員工前應考慮的主要事項上的個人經驗

  • The audience learning from David Pun's actual experience in corporate training of over a decade across different sectors and industries in both Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Southeast Asia

  • 觀眾正吸取潘國樑在過去超過十年於香港、內地及東南亞不同界別與行業的企業培訓實際經驗

  • A business executive requesting further information on corporate training from the speaker after the presentation

  • 觀眾群中有商務行政人員於介紹會後要求講者進一步提供有關企業培訓的資料

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