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Prosmart Participating in World SME Expo 2006

Prosmart Consultants Limited participated in Hong Kong Trade Development Council's World SME Expo 2006 which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition centre from 29 November to 1 December 2006. Like last year, Prosmart lined up professional resources in operating its booth so as to demonstrate its commitment in providing high quality services to potential clients. Its booth attracted over 1,000 visitors from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and overseas looking for opportunities to work together with Prosmart for mutual long-term benefits.


綽越顧問有限公司於2006年11月29日至12月1日在香港貿易發展局舉辦的2006年度”中小企國際市場推廣日”博覽會參展。綽越如去年一樣, 安排不同專長的顧問出席與來賓面談, 充分表達其為新客戶提供高質素服務的承諾, 吸引了超過一千名來自香港,內地及海外來賓進來找尋和綽越合作的機會,希望能互相長期性提升業務效益。

  • View of the Prosmart corner booth on a busy aisle in the Management & Information Pavilion of the Exhibition Hall near the entrance

  • 綽越設於展覽廳大門口附近"管理與資訊館"內一繁忙通道轉角位的攤位全景

  • Prosmart staff enjoying a few less busy moments as they prepare for the first visitors of the Expo to walk in

  • 綽越人員輕鬆地準備迎接到場參觀博覽會的第一批來賓

  • Interested visitors finding out details from Prosmart's consultants on how they can benefit from various consulting packages

  • 來賓正向綽越顧問查詢各不同的顧問配套可帶來的效益

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