Prosmart's Consultants Macau Lecture (Risk Management) in Fudan University's EMBA Programme



Day 2 (22 July 2007)

Prosmart was appointed by Fudan University's College of Distance Education to lecture in FUD117 Risk Management, another one of the 10 courses offered in its Entrepreneur MBA (“EMBA”) Certificate Programme on 21-22 July 2007 at Holiday Inn Hotel in Macau. This is the second course in the series of two EMBA courses provided by Prosmart, the first one being FUD 107 Sales & Marketing Management offered in June 2007.

In line with Fudan's request to emphasize sharing of actual business experiences, Prosmart conducted the course in the unprecedented interactive workshop format, with a fair amount of small group discussions and presentations. Conducting this workshop were two of Prosmart's consultants, David Pun, Learning & Business Development Director and Ken Po, Senior Consultant.




David Pun looking into the relationship between Risk and Crisis, i.e., how poorly managed risks could result in crises.


A student presenting her small group’s view on how to turn the crisis into an opportunity for the business over a real life operational crisis in Shenzhen China.


David Pun highlighting the key actions in data loss prevention which is a major part of a Disaster Recovery Plan.

潘國樑重點介紹災難復原計劃的機要部份 – 提防業務資料損失的主要行動。

Presenting the contents of a Disaster Recovery Plan which is essential in Business Continuity Planning.

講述業務持續計畫內的基本環節 -- 災難復原計劃的內容。

Explaining the distinctive features of Hot Site, Warm Site and Cold Site under Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan.

解釋關於資訊科技災難復原計劃內的後備辦公室Hot Site, Warm Site 與 Cold Site在設備上的分別。

Ken Po introducing methods and tools being commonly used worldwide in risk recognition.


Introducing various methods widely used in assessing and quantifying risk.


Explaining how to quantify loss severity.


Highlighting how various risk control methods work.


Presenting a Case Study of control measures in HSBC's risk management.


Group photo of participants taken at the end of the 1 1/2 day Risk Management Course.


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