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Prosmart Participating in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2007

Prosmart Consultants Limited participated in Hong Kong Trade Development Council's Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2007 which was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 11 to 14 July 2006. Prosmart's booth, professionally decorated and operated so as to demonstrate its commitment to provide high quality services to apparel businesses, was well received by the thousands of local and regional manufacturers and traders, the majority of whom also operating booths at the venue. Quite a number of the people who spoke to us were interested in finding out how Prosmart can help them move their businesses forward.



  • The first group of visitors arriving at the entrance of the venue on Opening Day

  • 展覽會開幕日第一批來賓步進會場

  • Prosmart's booth, neatly decorated for convenient accommodation of visitors

  • 綽越攤位佈置整齊,方便招待來賓

  • Prosmart's booth located in a busy aisle devoted to trade services

  • 綽越攤位設于主要是商貿服務公司參展的一條繁忙通道內

  • Prosmart staff all set and ready to go right before the first day of the Exhibition began

  • 綽越人員于展覽會第一天開場前已準備就緒迎接來賓

  • The QVC TV Shopping Group delegation from Japan visiting the Prosmart booth. In a conversation with Prosmart's Business Development Director is QVC's Director, Merchandising Division Mr. Noboru Sugisawa

  • 日本的QVC互動電視購物集團代表團前來綽越攤位參觀時,其商品企劃部總監杉澤昇先生正與綽越業務發展董事潘國樑談話

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