Prosmart's Consultant Lecturing in Risk Management Course of a Continuing Education Fund (CEF) Sponsored Entrepreneur MBA Programme



Day 1 (4 Aug 2007)

Prosmart was appointed to lecture in FUD117 Risk Management, one of the 10 courses offered in an Entrepreneur MBA (“EMBA”) Certificate Programme sponsored by HKSAR Government's Continuing Education Fund (CEF) on 4-5 August 2007 at the Meeeting Room on 8/F Royal Plaza Hotel, New Century Plaza, Kowloon.

In line with the request to emphasize sharing of actual business experiences, Prosmart conducted the course in the unprecedented interactive workshop format, with a fair amount of small group discussions and presentations. Conducting this workshop was Ken Po, Prosmart's risk management specialist, who was assisted by David Pun, Learning & Business Development Director of Prosmart.


綽越被任命為香港特別行政區政府持續進修基金支助的企業家工商管理證書 (“EMBA”)課程10個科目中的FUD117風險管理負責講授,該科目於2007年8月4-5日在九龍新世纪廣場帝京酒店8樓會議室舉行。


Ken Po, Prosmart's risk management specialist, being introduced by David Pun, Learning & Business Development Director.


Ken Po explaining the objectives of risk management and its importance to an organization.


Students discussing in a small group the case study of how failure in risk management had led to the downfall of the Yaohan chain.


Ken Po highlighting the current status in the development of risk management.


Looking into the structure of risk management information systems.


Presenting how financial theories can be applied in risk management.


Highlighting the various tools in risk recognition.


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